The company Nueveuno, is composed by Jorge Silvestre, Miguel Frutos and Josu Monton. Since its founding in 2014, we have developed together our artistic curiosity around contemporary circus. We seek our own scenic language, fusing juggling, choreography, music, set design and lighting. This allows us to generate dramaturgy that awakens emotions and a free reflection in the audience.


Our first show “Sinergia 3.0” is released in 2016; while being performed by four artists, the show has received excellent reviews, and is taking us through the main theaters and festivals nationwide.


At the beginning of 2018 we started setting up a second artistic creation, with a large professional team once more. While our objective is to premiere the show in spring 2020 and tackle the international market with Synergy 3.0, we are going through this phase with excitement, enthusiasm and dedication. With the idea of launching a new show and opening it to the international market with Synergy 3.0, we face this stage with excitement, enthusiasm and work.

Jorge Silvestre

Madrid, 1983

Convinced of the importance of continued training, he travels Europe in search of mentors that aid him to find his own way. After his work experience at Gandini Juggling, London, he commenced directing and choreographing juggling pieces that have been performed all over the world.

On 2014, he begins the Nueveuno journey directing SINERGIA 3.0, which is outstandingly received by the public, encouraging him to continue creating and directing.

Josu Monton

Santander, 1974

After formal training in diverse Circus techniques at schools in Madrid and Barcelona, he specialices as juggler and expands his skills with masters such as Oscar Diéguez, Jay Gilligan and Sean Gandini. Since 1996 he has participated in the creation of a large number of shows and has collaborated as performer in companies such as the acclaimed “Gandini Juggling”, amongst many others.

In Nueveuno, Josu developes his experience to the fullest, which enables him to continue enjoying and living intensely the exciting world of Circus.

Miguel Frutos

Madrid, 1988

He trains juggling since his 12 years old until he became interested in dance and conventional theater. His professional experience combines his artistic passions with social intervention. He has participated in both management and community development projects through circus and theater, experiences that promoted his role as a juggling performer and programmer at the Gandini Juggling Company from London.

Following the success of SINERGIA 3.0,Nueveuno is presented as a project in which to live, believe and, grow with his partners.

Carlos Marcos

Light & Technics

Trained by illumination experts such as Felipe Ramos and José Manuel Guerra, and by directors such as Sanchís Sinisterra or Magüi Mira. His passion for illumination has led him working in several projects, including inclusive dance (Maite León’s Psicoballet), alternative theater (Tarambana) as well as commercial tours across Spain (Pentación).

SINERGIA 3.0 and Nueveuno provided him with an opportunity to continue his professional development, together with colleagues to expand with, and an artistic project to believe in.

Iris Muñoz


Trained in classic and contemporary dance, Iris has worked together with Francesc Bravo (Rayo Malayo), Enrique Cabrera (Aracaladanza), Teresa Nieto, Juan Torres and Daniela Merlo (Larumbe Danza) and, María Rovira (Transit) amongst many others. Over 10 years ago, her teaching experience brought her closer to the Circus sphere. Currently she combines her career as an artist and choreographer with teaching.

Since the first Nueveuno proyect, Iris is involved as choreographer and direction assistant, both teaching and learning from motion.

Vaz Oliver

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